Based in Los Angeles, Mikel Padilla is a costume designer, costumer for the film and television industry, working with directors such as Werner Herzog and Le Var Burton. The key to his success is his ability "to see" what the director wants. Most importantly though, he believes collaboration is key to creating a cohesive look for any project, working closely with the art department and hair and make-up, never giving up until the end goal is achieved - the director's vision.

When in between film projects, Mikel also enjoys his work as a wardrobe stylist for the fashion and celebrity industry. His portfolio ranges from edgy to classic and spans across many venues including fashion editorials, advertisements, catalogues, music videos, album covers, and magazines such as "Harpers Bizarre", and "Teen Vogue". Also, he has styled for celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Chloe Sevigny, Michael Shannon and Snoop Dog.

Growing up in Southern California and influence by the diverse culture in which he was immersed, Mikel developed his eclectic style which can be seen in his body of work. At the early age of eleven, he was inspired by Felini's designer Danilo Donati and his work on the film "Satyricon". Mikel started working on films by the age 18 going to school at San Francisco Art Institute, and his first fashion catalog at the age of 24. Years later he is still inspired to design for the fashion and film world and is always looking for his next project.

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